CleanskinsOnline…”Trusted Brands. Great wine, Simply no label…”

Wineries often have unlabelled wine in their warehouse, sometimes the winery simply didn’t label because it was for their use only, private tastings or cellar door use for example.
Perhaps there was an issue at the time of bottling; bottling and labelling is not as simple as it sounds and there are many logistic elements that need to be perfectly matched.
There may be a mismatch between the number of bottles and the number of labels at bottling time. More bottles were filled than expected; or the labels may have been printed incorrectly.
An international order requiring ‘international’ labels being applied later may have been cancelled leaving a large stock of unlabelled bottles.
It is generally too expensive after the initial bottling to design and print a small run of labels, take packed cartons back to the bottler to unpack, put each bottle on the line, label, repack into another new carton and transport back to the warehouse.
So unlabelled stock remains a ‘Cleanskin’.

Trusted Brands

Cleanskin bottles can be “great wine”. It’s not the case that unlabelled wine just isn’t good enough for a label. Big and small wine producers from all over the country sometimes have unlabelled stock. You may be familiar with many of these wineries.

Great wines

You won’t be disappointed in the quality of wines we source that have missed out on a label. Reputable winemakers from all over the country, who take pride in their craft, still produce ‘Cleanskins’.

Simply no Label !

The wine in the bottle is the same.
No label does not mean you are in a lucky dip. Our relationships mean we know exactly what’s in these unlabelled bottles, and so will you!
At ordering you will know everything about these wines, just as you would a labelled bottle. Vintage, producer, variety, complete tasting notes all there for you to choose. We also supply small ‘no frills’ labels for you to put on your bottles, so you can unpack them into your fridge or cellar and know exactly what the wine is and where it has come from!
But be warned, these stocks are often in small volumes, therefore limited and available for a short time only.

Trusted brands, Great wine, Simply no label ….. !
Says it all really …… !!
Enjoy !!!

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