About Us

Like lots of great ideas, it started with wine… a bottle (or two) and yes cleanskins and dinner of course!

Working, living and breathing the wine industry for so many years, knowing there were great wines, unlabelled in warehouses and wineries, the idea of how to get them out to the consumers!

The discussion began; great wine in an unlabelled bottle, what would people think, what really is a cleanskin, how is it perceived, how much stock of good quality wine is sitting at wineries, why is it there, and importantly; why don’t we get hold of it and bring it to consumers? So CleanskinsOnline was founded.

Our aim is to source premium quality wine direct from trusted wine makers and supply consumers that great wine at a fantastic price … But with a difference … the bottles simply have no label.

But ‘simply no label’ doesn’t mean you don’t know what you’re drinking.

– our wineries are proud to put their names to their wine. You’ll see that when you order.  CleanskinsOnline does not source crap wine, bottled under the cover of darkness!!

Quaff them at home or take them to your next dinner party – you’ll be glad you did, amazed at the response and the interesting conversations that will follow.

Originating in South Australia, sourcing great wines from trusted brands, selling to you for your enjoyment.

CleanskinsOnline, ‘Simply no label’

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