Tomich Wines 2021 Gruner Veltliner (6pk)

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Tomich Wines 2021 Gruner Veltliner Adelaide Hills $72.00 1/2 Doz $12.00 pb
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Tasting Notes

Tomich Wines

2021 Gruner Veltliner

These wines are made for easy drinking, fresh and flavoursome! Handcrafted wines from the cool climate Adelaide Hills.

With aromas of orange blossom and nashi pear, this lovely Adelaide Hills Gruner Veltliner is vibrant, fresh and subtle acid and minerality that gives this wine it’t elegance and freshness.

A note from CleanskinsOnline

This wine is so fresh and vibrant. Gruner is such a versatile wine, it goes will so many foods, from spicy Thai to seafood and even pork!

These wines don’t have a label, but this does not distract from the amazing taste & quality.  I love to enjoy this wine all by itself, but if I must eat with it, then keep the flavours simple and fresh, with seafood and salad.