Macaw Creek Late Harvest Riesling 2016 (Doz)

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Macaw Creek Late Harvest Riesling 2016 Riesling Clare Valley $120 Doz $10 pb
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Tasting Notes

2016 Macaw Creek Organic Late Harvest Riesling

Clare Valley

Rod Hooper and his partner Em have a passion for producing handcrafted organic wines.

Their philosophy is simple and starts in the vineyard – with a focus on growing high quality grapes in an organic environment. producing outstanding wines that truly reflect the variety and region.

This organic Late Harvest Riesling is deep straw colour, fragrant notes of honeysuckle and citrus rind and toast,

soft textured palate with obvious sweetness mid palate and lemon, lime and honey flavours and

a distinctive lemon rind acidity on the finish.

This Late Harvest Riesling has a bit of sweetness but still has a clean finish.

This unlabelled Late Harvest Riesling will pair beautifully with a spicy Phad Thai dish!

Alcohol 12 %