2017 Tim Gramp Rosè (Doz)

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Tim Gramp Wines 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé Clare Valley $60 1/2 Doz $10 pb
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Tasting Notes

2017 Clare Valley

Rosè Cabernet Sauvignon

This fruit is from a single vineyard site from the famous Watervale region.  Strawberry and plum aromas, with a touch of floral.  Upfront elegance on the palate, with a voluptuous “sweetness of fruit” mid palate.  It finishes with delightful berry fruit flavours.

This unlabelled Rosé from Tim Gramp has mild sweetness which is refreshing, the fresh fruit flavours simply burst on the palate.  When I served it chilled at a recent dinner party, someone commented, “it’s like summer in a glass!”

Doesn’t get much better recommendation than that!

Enjoy as we did with a fresh fruit platter and cheese.

Alcohol 13%